Bet Auction

Acquire high value items at a Super Deal

What is it?

Bet Auctions enable you to acquire high value items at a Super Deal.
You can participate from anywhere, using your mobile phone via app or sms.
The goal is to place the lowest unique bet for any item on auction.

How it works?

For example if the auction item is a Flat Screen Television Set with an opening offer of 900,000/-.
You place your bet using the first 3 digits (offer amount divided by 1000) e.g you send 902/- through your mobile phone.
Provided no one else bets the same amount, the item is available for you at the price of 902,000/- less the initial 902/- paid.
Your bet has to be the lowest and unique.
Items can be delivered to you after receipt of full payment.

How to participate

Bets are submitted through mobile money. Each item has a minimum bet requirement.
Your bet must be higher than the minimum amount required for the particular auction item, by atleast ugx.1000
The lowest unique bet wins the auction.
Bet amounts must also be unique and not identical to any other bet amount.
Auctions close after a specified number of bets have been received. Winners are notified.
Losing bets are non refundable.

Auction how to

  1. Prizes and items are put up for auction on our facebook and twitter pages
  2. The auction becomes available for betting at the open time and price value.
  3. Once the auction is opened then participants can place bets on the auction.
  4. Participants place their bets on the auction using mobile money
  5. When a target number of bets or target amount is reached the auction will end.
  6. At auction closing the lowest bet amount with the most number of participants wins.
  7. The winner is notified by an SMS to their phone.
  8. The winner is contacted by our settlement team to arrange for payment and delivery of their item.
  9. If the auction item is a mobile money cash prize, then the winning amount is promptly sent to the winner's phone..

How to bet by mobile money

  1. Dial *165# for the airtel money menu
  2. Enter: 1. Send Money
  3. Enter: 0704661354
  4. Enter: the auction number, for reference.
  5. Enter: the bid amount
  6. Enter: Your Mobile Money PIN
  7. You shall receive SMS confirmation.

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